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Babydoll nightdress

Babydolls or baby doll lingerie is a very common and popular style of lingerie style that features loose-fitting fabric that flows down from the bust. The bust is usually form-fitting, and can be padded, but many babydoll styles have a simple fabric bust. Babydolls are considered the most comfortable of typical lingerie styles because of their loose fit, and are often used for sleepwear. In terms of coverage, babydoll lingerie is generally very short - short enough to expose your underwear. Babydolls are often sold in sets which include a matching panty, and can also include matching jackets or robes.
Baby doll lingerie can be defined as loose-fitting, but there are more and more babydolls that offer a much tighter fit in the waist, and are actually closer to what we consider a chemise. The product pictures should show how close the fit is - if the model's body is outlined in the photo, expect a tighter fit. If you have any questions about how a particular babydoll fits, feel free to contact us.
The best thing about babydolls is that they really are great for all body types. The tight fit of the bust keeps it sexy while the loose fit around the waist flatters any figure!
Babydolls come in a wide variety of materials and fabrics including lace, leather, mesh, vinyl, sheer, satin and even rubber - and combinations of all of these as well.